Program Summary

Wk. No. Thing
1 1 Read about the Program
2 Extend Your Browser
3 Create a Blog & Register It
2 4 Create an RSS Reader Account
5 Subscribe to Blogs
6 Comment on a Blog Post
3 7 Play with Flickr
8 Investigate YouTube
9 Explore SlideShare
4 10 Social Networking
11 Discover Delicious
5 12 Read about Wikis
13 Edit a Wiki
6 14 Podcasts & Vodcasts
15 Google Maps
7 16 Google Docs
17 iGoogle
8 18 Image Generators
19 Twitter
9 20 Read about Web 2.0
21 Web 2.0 Award Winners
10 22 Post About Technology
23 Provide Us with Feedback


This program draws heavily on the original 23 Things program, created by Helene Blowers for PLCMC.

It also draws on the Swinburne University version of the 23 Things program, posted by TRR, and Chisholm Institute Library’s 23 Things program by Jason Peart.

“23 Things @ Chisholm” by Jason Peart, for Chisholm Institute.
© Chisholm Institute 2008, released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.


2 Responses to “Program Summary”

  1. Judy Roberts Says:

    Late starter. Sounds fun and informative.

  2. Lindsay Collins Says:

    Well I have read the introduction and are ready to proceed. At the moment, I don’t seem to know what I have got myhself into but I hope it all becomes clearer.

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